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  Has established since 1978, we receive [good faith], [high quality], [innovation] is a principle, serves in the machinery pneumatic tool and the hardware field. Our service characteristic has the excellent knowledge equally on like ours brand, may provide various fields rich technical assistance. Our product's innovation and the perfect design therefore accomplish nowadays us to introduce to arrogantly [dual dependences] the tool. along with the Chinese industry's rapid development, the mechanization, automaticity's unceasing enhancement, pneumatic tool's demand unceasingly is also expanding. For the reduced middle link, yields profit in the general consumers, Our company establishes the Chinese Sale Company - Mt. Kun Germany black horse pneumatic tool equipment Limited company especially in Mt. Kun, in order to provide a higher quality consummation for the customer the service and the abundant spare part supply. “the labor wants the friendly its matter, must benefit first its”, this is the goal which all enterprises pursue follow, for this reason, we sincere are willing to try hard for this reason.


Our company mainly manages the following product:
1, Dr. DR sign pneumatic tool series 

 Air operated grinder series
 The air operated plate work drills &Punching machine
 Air operated spanner
 Air operated ratchet wrench
 Air operated pair of gas type screw driver
 Air operated impact screw driver
 Air operated coupling type screw driver
 Air operated scraping machine
 The air operated specialty with engraves the grinding machine
 Air operated saw
 Technical grade air operated grinder
 Air operated waxes machine
 The specialty uses the grinder
 Air operated small grinder
 Air operated annulus machine
 Air operated rail-mounted grinder
 Air operated double orbital grinder
 Air operated pen type engraving machines
 Flowing tubing head pressure pulse spanner&Bottle opener
 Facile double diaphragm pump
Air operated paint gun
 Air operated wheel seat series
 Air operated pulls the hat gun
 Air operated pulls the nail gun
 Air operated attacks the tooth machine series
Fast attachment series
 Air operated supersonic wave grinder


Electricity air operated annulus machine
 Coating pressurizing lacquerware &Mixer
 Pneumatic drill
 Air operated chisel mallet
 Air operated grinder 90°Inside diameter grinder
 Air operated grinder
 Air pulsing flowing tubing head pressure bottle opener &Spanner
 Air operated crosscut saw gun
 Air operated saw &Air operated file
 Various types grinder chassis series

2、Black dominoes pneumatic tool series :

 Air operated spanner class
 Engraves the grinding machine class
 The wind approves class
 Pneumatic drill class
 Is mad the shovel class
 Spring crane /360 degree revolving air attachment
 Air operated spanner class

3、American YAMA pneumatic tool series

4、Japanese letter thick pneumatic tool series

5、The wonderful strength fast pneumatic tool is a series

6、Begins construction to have the serial products aggressively greatly .

7,Japanese Iwata spray gun

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fax: 0512-57089579

contact person: Lin Mr./Huang Miss/Lin Miss

Email: deqi88@gmail.com (2)deqi@deqi88.com


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